Abigail Studio Shoot

Just uploaded a few pics to the site from a shoot i did last week with Abi, an up and coming model and Suicide Girl. With her piercings, tattoos and pale skin, Abi has a distinctive look and chose clothing from some of her favourite brands Soft Kitty Clothing, Rainy Daze and Punk Paws. IContinue reading “Abigail Studio Shoot”

New shoot at the GWR station

So it has been a pretty uneventful week…..i hate the heat and 30 degrees+ in my room at night results in a bad nights sleep and a lethargic following day! So i spent a lot of the time procrastinating in air conditioned coffee shops and meeting with friends. BUT….i have organised a shoot at theContinue reading “New shoot at the GWR station”

new pics added

Some new boudoir images added to the ‘location’ page of the website. Visited Theresa at her home and, after a coffee and a chat putting the world to rights, managed to get some great shots which she really loved. Have a gander at the location page on http://www.rocphotography.co.uk  – let me know if you haveContinue reading “new pics added”