Final Evaluation and Commercial Consideration

At the beginning of this project I had an idea to combine lingerie photography with Cosplay, such as Game of Thrones. The theory behind this is that I like combining genres to create something a little different. The problem with doing anything like that is that the target audience is very difficult to quantify andContinue reading “Final Evaluation and Commercial Consideration”

Market Research

I have asked a number of women in their 20s and 30s the following questions, in order to establish their buying patterns and lifestyle choices of their purchases: 1.Do you purchase lingerie based on advertising and editorials in magazines? 2.Do you purchase separate lingerie for everyday and the weekend/special occasions? 3.Does your boyfriend/husband buy lingerieContinue reading “Market Research”

Selected image – Post production PhotoShop

The background and simple shadows from the legs of the stool and the models feet needed no alteration. The only alteration was general tweaking of levels and curves and fine tuning of the model. I used blurring on the models face and thigh where the skin was not uniform and spot healing for little blemishesContinue reading “Selected image – Post production PhotoShop”