Snow Leopard!


Whilst wildlife photography is not my usual genre or specialism, I nonetheless love nature and animals and find their beauty mesmerising. The main thing that prevents me from doing more wildlife work is the prohibitive cost of decent long lenses. That said, I decided to purchase a second hand 100-400mm Canon lens and was really impressed with the results.

On a recent trip to the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland I was lucky enough to see two magnificent Snow Leopards in the Highland Wildlife Park. Although the park as a whole is fabulous, and the animals are wonderful, there is something quite magical about this creature that sets it apart. Maybe i’m conscious of the fact there are so few left in the wild given it’s persecution, but I felt a great sense of honour and privilege to see them.

Using the whole 400mm of the lens at f/5.6, I managed to get a few decent images of which this one in particular became an instant favourite.

Abigail Studio Shoot

Just uploaded a few pics to the site from a shoot i did last week with Abi, an up and coming model and Suicide Girl.

With her piercings, tattoos and pale skin, Abi has a distinctive look and chose clothing from some of her favourite brands Soft Kitty Clothing, Rainy Daze and Punk Paws.

I booked Shadow Studio in Gloucester who i hadn’t used before. The studio is bathed in natural light and they also have black out boards so i can totally control the flash lighting if needed.

I hope you like the pictures…….

Burlesque excess in Stratford

Was very pleased to shoot ‘A Midsummer Nights Scream’, a burlesque stage show at the Arts House in Stratford Upon Avon last week. Featuring a number of acts, the show was a near sell out and provided great entertainment, some of the like i hadn’t experienced before!

The shows producer, Ice Crystal Productions, is organising a ‘Burlesque on Ice’ show which i can’t wait to see.

Hope you like these few images from the show………


Upcoming event


I will be doing the official photography for a Midsummer Night’s Scream, a ‘celebration of the Decadent, Dark Side of Burlesque and Cabaret ready for Halloween!’

It’s at the Arts House in Stratford upon Avon on 26th October and promises to be a bit of an eye opener!

I’ll post some images after the event……a few weeks off yet but something to look forward to. I think……