Snow Leopard!


Whilst wildlife photography is not my usual genre or specialism, I nonetheless love nature and animals and find their beauty mesmerising. The main thing that prevents me from doing more wildlife work is the prohibitive cost of decent long lenses. That said, I decided to purchase a second hand 100-400mm Canon lens and was really impressed with the results.

On a recent trip to the Cairngorm National Park in Scotland I was lucky enough to see two magnificent Snow Leopards in the Highland Wildlife Park. Although the park as a whole is fabulous, and the animals are wonderful, there is something quite magical about this creature that sets it apart. Maybe i’m conscious of the fact there are so few left in the wild given it’s persecution, but I felt a great sense of honour and privilege to see them.

Using the whole 400mm of the lens at f/5.6, I managed to get a few decent images of which this one in particular became an instant favourite.

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