New shoot at the GWR station

So it has been a pretty uneventful week…..i hate the heat and 30 degrees+ in my room at night results in a bad nights sleep and a lethargic following day!

So i spent a lot of the time procrastinating in air conditioned coffee shops and meeting with friends.

BUT….i have organised a shoot at the lovely Toddington Railway station in Gloucestershire next week, with the beautiful Meg as my model. It is going to be a 1940s WWII theme to tie in with the feel of the railway, which has been restored by the volunteers and looks stunning. I’ll post some pictures as soon as i have them.

Take care x


new pics added

Some new boudoir images added to the ‘location’ page of the website.

Visited Theresa at her home and, after a coffee and a chat putting the world to rights, managed to get some great shots which she really loved.

Have a gander at the location page on  – let me know if you have any comments!