Shoot 5 Evaluation and moving forward

Shoot number 5 was the furthest removed from the previous ones I have done so far. The model I selected, Stacey, is a plus size model and singer who has previously modelled lingerie for a catalogue.

The lighting was stripped back to basics following a chat with my tutor and more research into lighting set-ups with lingerie brands. The likes of Blush, Panache, Hope, and GB Intimates all use simple lighting with studio shoots to provide a simple, elegant, sensual and contrasted look.

I used a single lamp with a large octagonal soft box slightly raised above the models head and a black screen to the other side of the model to enhance the shadows and offer even more contrast. Finally, the distance between the model and the background was increased to offer a nice light grey in the black and white images.

By continually looking at research images throughout the shoot, and with Stacey’s help – who I found very friendly and encouraging – I was able to achieve some stunning and vastly different shots than previously. Considering the shoot was only around an hour, I was very happy with the results.

Moving forward I intend to do only one more shoot and use a very similar lighting and studio set up to this one. My work is starting to get more refined, although I feel I have several images from almost every shoot that will work well together in an editorial piece.

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