Market Research

I have asked a number of women in their 20s and 30s the following questions, in order to establish their buying patterns and lifestyle choices of their purchases:

1.Do you purchase lingerie based on advertising and editorials in magazines?

2.Do you purchase separate lingerie for everyday and the weekend/special occasions?

3.Does your boyfriend/husband buy lingerie for you?

4.If so, is it the same style as you would buy for whatever purpose?

5.Are you influenced by magazines and lifestyle editorials or simply buy what you like?

The overwhelming response was that they purchase low cost items that are comfortable to wear everyday, and spend more on elegant, sensual, flirtatious items to go out in or use for special occasions.

Boyfriends and husbands tend to buy trashier and cheaper looking items that the women questioned would not purchase themselves.

Almost all are influenced by seasonal trends when purchasing lingerie and look at advertising and editorials in magazines for inspiration before going to the shops.

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