Statement of Intent & Approach to Brief

Before 2015, my main photography experience lay in other genres such as sport (photojournalism) and cars (advertising), but I developed a passion for fashion photography and decided to stick to what I like and explore this further whilst developing my skills.

I particularly like studio photography and the way the light can be fully controlled. Not having a great deal of experience with studio work, I hope to develop my lighting skills throughout the assignment and show a real progression throughout.

My intentions throughout this assignment are:

  • To show a real progression in my work from start to finish;
  • To develop my lighting and other technical skills to demonstrate a level of competency in providing a professional outcome;
  • To collaborate with professional models and build a strong working relationship with reliable models for future work;
  • To also collaborate with hair stylists and MUA’s to offer a more polished and professional look;
  • To offer a balanced and intentional outcome based on research and development in the right areas;

The end result, ideally, will be a body of work that, although may not be totally polished, represents a step forward in understanding the market, commercial positioning and relevance to my selected audience.

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