Shoot 4 – Evaluation and Moving Forward

Thankfully I was back in the half cove studio for this shoot with Sammii, a 25 year old model with lots of tattoos – one of the main reasons I had chosen to work with her as I felt it gave me a different, edgy look that I could still incorporate into an editorial and may appeal to a wider audience.

Sammii was really professional and friendly, she took the time to sit down and discuss the shoot and what I wanted to achieve from it. She had a very wide selection of lingerie and I used the tattoos as part of the lifestyle look I wanted to appeal to the 20/30something confident, modern woman.

I used gels again, albeit a different colour to before. The colour was selected to compliment the clothing she had brought along and the tone of her hair, skin and body art.

Sammii did feel slightly awkward doing the shots on the stool/chair and suggested she would look better stood up, so the majority of the shoot was completed in this fashion.

With regard to the lighting, I used the 5 light set-up as before and tinkered around with the power and direction of the lamps to give me more shadow and contrast on the models skin.

I think I have achieved what I want to with this set up now. Doing further research, I intend to completely change the lighting for future shoots to get me a more contrasty feel and emulate such brands as Panache Black and Gisele Bundchen Intimates who mainly shoot in black and white.

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