Shoot 3 – Evaluation and Moving Forward

Shoot three was the first shoot I have done in the colourama studio instead of the half cove, and hopefully will be my last! I found the whole studio set up squashed with lack of room, none of the floor sockets were working and the backdrops were in a pretty poor state with rips, creases and marks. As I said before, my photoshop skills are limited and I am unable to make a poor background look good and remain authentic.

Again, there was little time since the last shoot and I feel I should have learned to space them out a little more as I didn’t get the chance to make all the necessary changes and do all the necessary research to move forward effectively.

This shoot was done with another PurplePort model, Alex, who at 28 was the most experienced I have used. Unfortunately I found her much less friendly and moodier than the other two models I have used. Although she took direction well, there was a feeling that she didn’t really care. I also found her skin to be very poor for lingerie work and needed quite a lot of post production to resolve stretches, marks and blemishes.

For the shoot itself I turned the power of the main light up and decreased the supporting light whilst using a smaller soft box. This resulted in more contrast and stronger shadows on the models skin. I also used a third light behind the model to the opposite side of the key light which I thought may give me a little uplift in lighting the head and shoulders. It seemed to work but not as much as I had hoped.

Overall I did get some good images but this was the worst shoot of the three so far.

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