Shoot 2 – Evaluation and Moving Forward

My second shoot was only a few days after the first and as such, I had not much time to go through and fully evaluate the images in my first shoot, let alone research how to move forward and correct any mistakes with the poses and lighting set-up.

This time I used Becky, a professional 23 year old model from Bristol. She had a lot of experience in this kind of work and seemed ideal for me to learn from. Again she was early, very pleasant and professional and took direction well, also giving advice and feedback.

Some of the poses were very natural, and she had an air of flintiness about her. The result was a selection of poses, some sexy, some elegant, some cheeky and some more plain. I felt the shoot could be used in a number of commercial places and to more than one audience.

My research came into play again with the use of a red gel, which gave a nice pink glow to the background. I felt that some of the resulting images could be used in an editorial piece to the target demographic I had highlighted.

On reflection, the main criticism I had was that I used an identical lighting set-up to shoot number one.

Although the shoot was a step forward for me in terms of model, pose, gels and style, I was disappointed that the lighting gave me the same issues as before. The main elements I was unhappy with were the multiple shadows and the messy ground area of the images – meaning I was unable to use any of the images in full length as my photoshop skills are limited.

Going forward to the next shoot I aim to tinker with the lighting to offer a more considered approach to my brief.

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