Shoot 1 – Evaluation and Moving Forward

Having done some research into brands, photographers, images etc, I knew what I liked (coloured gels, laid back simple images, sexy but elegant) but did not have much of a clue as to how to set up the lighting. I therefore decided to treat this as a learning curve and hopefully show some progression throughout the process.

My first job after booking the half cove studio and the camera equipment was to put a casting on PurplePort for a lingerie model. After some good responses I decided to use Georgia Marie first, a 20 year old blonde model who is also a student at BCU. She had good references, had done lingerie previously and was fairly inexpensive.

Georgia Marie was early, and was very friendly and chatty. I found her professional and easy to direct, a far cry from the experience I had with another model site called Model Mayhem.

I set the studio up with two soft boxes on the model and two rear lights on the background. I then decided to use coloured gels for the first time ever like I had researched with NEXT and Mango Lingerie, and was very pleased with the results.

The model did her own hair and make up and took direction, but also had experience and suggested several poses and was happy to discuss the brief and requirements with me and look at examples. The shoot lasted just over two hours and provided some good images, and some not so good. I was able to learn from poses and the results to hopefully refine my work with my target audience in the next shoot.

My main issue with this shoot was with the lighting. Although some shots came out well, others had too many shadows on the models skin, and the area around the studio floor was very messy with multiple and unnatural shadows.

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