Commercial Considerations – Where to position my work

There are many different placements for lingerie photography depending on demographics such as target audience, age, location, lifestyle, price, but also whether the images are for advertising or editorial purposes.

I have decided to complete an editorial for my images, based on the following factors:

  • Studio based images using both plain background and also coloured gels to emulate the NEXT and Mango images;
  • Some fun and flirty images whilst not being overtly sexual;
  • Both colour and black and white images within a single editorial as seen in my research;
  • Use of chairs and stool to experiment with poses and style;
  • Use of correct style of models for the demographic – 20/30-something women looking for classy and sensual weekend lingerie;
  • Identifying correct factors to fit in with target audience including model, environment, props, poses and garments;

Ultimately I will produce an editorial covering a number of the elements I have included in my research, and aimed at 20/30 somethings that could be seen in a fashion publication or look book.

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